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Broken Birdie Chirpin

Broken Birdie Chirpin

Ben Walters of Time Out New York succinctly defines the coming of age genre as follows: “An adolescent (or group thereof) goes through a challenging series of bittersweet experiences. He’s forced to put away childish things, emerging a little bruised, sadder but wiser, and more prepared for the travails of adulthood.”

Broken Birdie Chirpin is the quintessential rock n’ roll coming of age novel. It tells the story of a watershed year in the life of a gifted, but mostly maladjusted, teenage rock n’ roller. He embarks on a whirlwind journey from mysterious loner through the upper echelons of the vibrant London music scene in search of his rock n’ roll fantasy.

The story opens just as our rock n’ roller seemingly falls for Becky, a rough-around-the-edges schoolmate who sees past his shortcomings. His life is quickly complicated by an encounter with Skeffington, a popular jock with musical aspirations of his own. The not-so-chance encounter sets in motion a series of events that will forever change each of their lives. As the summer months unfold so do the dreams and tragedies of our protagonist. Bloody hell. Even the smallest decisions define life for decades to come.

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