Episode 5 -Explosive indie publishing topics on Fiction Frenzy

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Episode 5 -Explosive indie publishing topics on Fiction Frenzy

Fifth episode of Fiction Frenzy TV

a VLog YouTube channel featuring indie artists

On April 28, 2014 – Episode 5 of Fiction Frenzy TV was published. We are very grateful for the number of comments, shares and views we’ve received for previous episodes. If you’re here for the first time, let us entertain and inform you. Learn about what it’s like to be an indie author, artist, filmmaker, musician and tech geek. Or if you need tips on being one yourself, then grab a chair.


Episode 5  part 1: featuring Anne-Rae Vasquez, Nicole, Josefina, Kellie Sheridan and James Edwards

    • Anne-Rae Vasquez with Nicole and Josefina discuss the topic “Characters coming to Life” and unknowingly encounter this for real.
    • Kellie Sheridan continues to celebrate the one year anniversary of Patchwork-Press.com (http://www.patchwork-press.com) which she co-founded with Erica Crouch one year ago. She also explains how Patchwork-Press came to be.
    • James Edwards gives a piece of his mind about the public’s perception of ebooks versus traditionally published paperback books. His fiery VLog will make you want to comment.

Episode 5 part 2 : featuring authors Khaled Talib, Christine Steendam and Mary Ting (M. Clarke)

  • Christine Steendam is our newest author to join the Fiction Frenzy TV. Welcome her as she brings along a sweet friend and inspiration for her novels (http://christinesteendam.com). By the way, she lives on a 15 acre ranch but you’ll need to watch to find out more.
  • Khaled Talib takes us to Little India where his fictional protagonist Jet West, in his novel “Smokescreen”, is desperately looking for a detective who is staying in the area. Watch to find out more!
  • Mary Ting gives us a treat by sharing with us some of her favourite books. Stick around to learn more about “Cover to Covers” by Alexander Weiss, “Pretty Little Lies” and “Pretty Little Dreams” by Jennifer Miller and “The Devil Drinks Coffee” by Destiny Ford.


Watch our Fiction Frenzy authors and artists grapple with the day to day life as an author. Enjoy some insightful info about the indie business and never before revealing confessions. Nail biting, riveting, dramatic and funny (well at least for the indie artist / author vloggers!)

Please stay and watch both parts of this episode. We promise that it will be very entertaining!

Laugh, cry, and learn. Fiction Frenzy TV is a fun VLog group of indie artists. Subscribe now. You heard us. Subscribe. NOW.

Featured on Digital Journal

Fiction Frenzy TV episodes 4 and 5 are featured on Digital Journal. Please like comment and share the link below. Oh and you can read the article too if you want to. ;p

Digital Journal:

Explosive indie publishing topics on Fiction Frenzy TV VLog show

Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/a-and-e/entertainment/explosive-indie-publishing-topics-on-fiction-frenzy-tv-vlog-show/article/382294

Laugh, cry, and learn. Fiction Frenzy TV is a fun VLog group of indie artists. Subscribe now. You heard us. Subscribe. NOW.

Music credits (also at the end of the video clip)

I’m Attractive – Young Focus – Public Domain
Sound effects by Sound Bible  and Jewel Beat – cc attrib 3.0
Bonfire Love – Stoneface Priest – Public Domain
Dance of the Sugar Plums and Spider Eyes – Kevin Macleod – cc attribution 3.0


Special guest performances
Intro Brainstorming scene:
Josefina – developmental editor
Nicole – creative consultant
Special FX by Joseph Khalil, Digital Frenzy (http://digitalfrenzy.tv)

Content created for Fiction Frenzy http://www.fictionfrenzy.tv
Creator/Producer/Editor: Anne-Rae Vasquez
Executive Producer: AR Films

Special thanks to Joseph Khalil
Special FX and Production equipment provided by:
Joseph Khalil, Digital Frenzy – http://DigitalFrenzy.tv


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