Q&A with my girlfriend author vloggers S2E13 Google Hangout

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Q&A with my girlfriend author vloggers S2E13 Google Hangout

Q&A with my girlfriend author vloggers S2E13 Google Hangout


Q&A with my girlfriend authors : Behind the Scenes of Fiction Frenzy TV Vlog S2E13

NOTE: Thanks to Christine for helping me cover while Cairn experienced some technical difficulties joining our live Google Hangout event.  If you want to jump to where Cairn joins us, click the link.

CLICK HERE: https://youtu.be/j63BgxOQgI0?t=21m31s

We were doing kooky things while we waited…Do you like Christine’s moustache?

We tried to answer intriguing questions that Cairn has created for this episode.

Cairn Rodrigues author, master chef and Twitter Goddess (http://thelightstealerssong.com)
Christine Steendam, author and horse whisperer (http://christinesteendam.com)
Anne-Rae Vasquez – author (http://anne-raevasquez.com), tech geek, filmmaker, journalist and belly dancer in her dreams

#1) If you were a fish, how would you be served?

#2) Have you ever quietly slid one of your books into the stacks at a public library?

#3) Please choose two items from the following list to be your official literary nickname:  Ziggy, conch shell, bambini, guacamole, belt sander, tambourine, fettucine, zip line, Horatio, conga, ocelot, cupcake, flamingo

#4) In which sort of crisis would you shine most brightly?
Paper jam in printer,     Out of coffee,     Unexpected trolls beneath
bridge,    Last jelly filled in the case, Explosion at glitter factory,     404 page error

#5) If you were 14 right now, whose pictures would be plastered to your bedroom wall?

#6) Which Springsteen lyric are you most likely to have tattooed on your body?  Where?

#7) What’s the weirdest thing you ever carried in your purse?

#8) Rank the following Canadian icons in order of personal preference:
Mayonnaise,  Michael J. Fox, Maple syrup, bacon, curling, The Mackenzie Brothers, poutine

#9) Which writer from history would you most love to read your books?

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