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VLog Parody sketch: Clones and Aliens Vlog Parody skit: Anne-Rae’s cousin Pinky did not show up to her surprise birthday party. Anne-Rae is panicking because her cousin Pinky has gone missing. Nicole and Josefina try to calm her down only to discover that Cloe the Clone might know something. Behind the Scenes VLog Parody Fiction Frenzy TV: In Season 2 episode 38 author Anne-Rae Vasquez ( is frantic to find her cousin Pinky Aquino. Seems Cloe the Clone knows where she is. Watch to find out more. About this channel: Watch our Fiction Frenzy TV authors and artists grapple with the day to day life as an author and artist. Enjoy some insightful info about the indie business and never before revealing confessions. Nail biting, riveting, dramatic and funny (well at least for the author vloggers!) Laugh, cry, and learn. Fiction Frenzy TV is a fun VLog group of indie authors and artists. Subscribe now. You heard us. Subscribe. NOW. Credits (also at the end of the video clip) Author/vlogger: Anne-Rae Vasquez ( Developmental editor: Josefina Rosado Creative Consultant: Nicole Ronan Cloe the Clone: Nicole Ronan Editor and special effects: Anne-Rae Vasquez Music: “Carefree” by Silent Partner cc attrib 3 (, “Rainy Day Games” by The Green Orbs cc 3 attrib ( “Phantom from Space” and “Umbrella Pants” by Kevin MacLeod cc 4 ( “I’m Attractive” by Young Focus (public domain) Content created for Fiction Frenzy TV Creator/Producer/Editor: Anne-Rae Vasquez Executive Producer: AR Films Digital effects by AR Films Film & production equipment provided by: Joseph Khalil, Digital Frenzy –...

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Who needs Netflix? Watch our show instead Forget Netflix, sit down in your comfy chair or cozy up in your bed. Watch our show and let us entertain you with our vlogs, vlog parodies, funny skits and sketches.  Just don’t get pie crumbs in your covers...

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